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I am quite happy to write another Blogpost about my stay in Lisbon. A lot of people asked me about some tips and tricks about how to visit Lisbon. So I will try to give you a short impression of the city and  give you a few spots you need to see when you’re visiting Lisbon. First, I want to mention that using public transport is one of the most efficient ways to explore Lisbon. We used it all the time which made it super easy to see various places on one day. Just get a card at any ticket office and use it while you’re there. You won’t regret it! My highlights of our trip are quite easy to sum up and aren’t very “special” I guess but anyhow here are my most favorite places in Lisbon.

We visited Belem and the Castle São Jorge on our first day. Those two places need be on your bucket list! Belem is famous for the museums, the pastel de Belem, the monument of the discoveries and the tower of Belem. You can easily spend a whole day here. There are cute little restaurants and lots of impressive places to see! The Castle São Jorge has one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen in my entire life. I would recommend to go here for sunset. The entry is not that expensive and definitely worth it. Another place for taking amazing pictures and for a view you won’t forget is the monument of Christo rei. It is right behind the old bridge called “25 de Abril” which looks like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. What’s great about visiting this place is that you can also go by public transport. Just use the Ferry from Cais de Sodre and a Bus from Cacilhas. Very easy and super cheap. There is also no entrees fee for the viewing platform at the monument. 😉  So definitely worth a visit! You should plan half a day if you start early.  Afterward we drove to Cascais which is west of Lisbon. It takes about 40 min by train. You can do lots of stuff here but it is known for the easy bound to the west coast of Portugal where you can discover the coast line with all the cliffs. You could also easily spend a few hours at the beach and just take some time out from the “busy” life in the city. You can decide.The easiest way to get around there is to rent a bike. It isn’t very expensive and you can easily discover the whole area in a few hours.

A lot of people asked me about the food and which restaurants are the best in Lisbon. I have to be honest with you guys. We only had time to discover a few places. I can’t give you the best restaurants in Lisbon just a selection of places we went to and I don’t know if you like them just as much as we did. So, I decided to give you a few tips how to select the food and what to try. In general, you should check out the seafood, Lisbon lies right next to Atlantic Ocean which gives them the ideal point for fish and seafood. If you love fish, you won’t regret trying a few dishes. The Time out Market right at the harbor front is a great way to try different food. You can get nearly everything in there. Just be aware that the prices might be higher than the usual restaurant prices in Lisbon and it is also packed with tourists. The pastel de Nata should also be on your bucket list! If you haven’t tried it before you should give it a shot. They taste the best when they are warm and Manteigaria supposed to have the best on town. If that’s true? Just taste them yourself. I personally loved them! 🙂 All in all, Lisbon is great city to escape to. The weather is great, the people are nice, the food is amazing and the costs are reasonable. Especially compared to other cities in Europe Lisbon has lots of advantages. If you have any question regarding our hotel, some restaurants we went to or the ideal spots to take pictures have a look at my story highlight in Instagram, comment below or message me. I am happy to help you! ☺️


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