Visit Scotland – 4 days in the North of the UK #Anzeige

Time has passed and the past weeks has been very hectic. Hectic in a good kind of way! I visited new places, managed to finish my first scientific paper for university and on top of that I even got the best grade you can get (an A+)! You can’t believe how happy I was after I got the result.  Currently, I am planning a lot of travels for the year. Hopefully I can take you guys along with me to even more places in the world.


But let’s start with my trip to Scotland in the beginning of April. I have so many things I want to share with you, and maybe you might find my advice useful when visiting Scotland one day.  Firstly, I must say that it has been an amazing experience. Words can’t really describe how amazing the trip was. So, let’s start right at the beginning.

Day 1: From the Sea to the Highlands

On Monday, we began our little 4-day getaway. After a quick flight from Hamburg we got picked up at the Airport and driven straight to the three bridges. I have previously heard and read a few things about the three bridges but seeing them in real life was mind blowing! The Red Bridge which is called Forth Bridge is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Can you believe it was opened in 1890? If you have any chance to stop at Queensferry and enjoy the view you should definitely go and have a look. It’s worth it, trust me! We stopped, took some pictures and walked around the little town to one of the most amazing lunch places. It was right at the harbour and we had a great look at the forth bridge.

After a long lunch break we enjoyed a much needed coffee and drove to our hotel in the highlands called the Morth collection. I have been to many remote places but never experienced such a high standard of facilities before. It is the ideal spot to have a break from the “real” life. The Hotel is right next to one of the most breathtaking views! We must have taken more a thousand pictures during the beautiful sunset. It reminded me a lot at my travels in New Zealand. Such pure beauty. Something you won’t forget. On the downside, it is a remote place so there is nearly no phone reception. The Wi-Fi was only limited in a few rooms so it was kind of nice to be forced to be offline for a few hours. The standard is very high as mentioned earlier. To give you some impressions what this means here are a few examples. My room was beautiful. I had my own fireplace, a steam sauna, a bathtub and lots of small things which made my stay just perfect.The food is amazing, the people are one of the nicest I have ever met, and the country side is breathtaking. I know that this seems way too positive but if you visit this place you will understand that there is no room for any complains. Some might be interested in having a closer look at the whole trip, just watch my Scotland Story Highlight on my Instagram page @Jonnyfoe to get some more impressions from the country and the Hotels I am talking about.

Day 2: Highland Safari

After a great night at the Morth collection hotel and an amazing breakfast we started our Highland Safari. We went for 2 hours and saw some beautiful places and quite rare animals that I haven’t seen before. It was interesting to see something so different compared to all the other countries I have been to.

We made a quick stop at the morth collection for lunch before we made our way back to the city of Edinburgh.  On the way there we visited the Whiskey .. where they showed us how to make whiskey and showed us the differences between the whiskeys they produce. I have to admit that the tasting wasn’t the most interesting part for me, especially because I don’t drink alcohol as all of you are aware of ;). It was still great to see how committed they are to make whiskey since ages and how the process works. After a few hours, we decided to head to Edinburgh where we stayed for 2 nights. When we arrived, I was quite happy to see that the city was like I had imagined. It felt exactly like being in a Harry Potter movie. Especially the old part of Edinburgh looks so similar. Probably because J.K Rowling lives here and she may have taken some inspiration from a few spots here ;). When we arrived at our hotel I was very surprised that the hotel was something I haven’t seen before. The Tigerliliy Hotel has one of the coolest interior decor you will ever see. I will try to give you some a sneak peak in the gallery under this post or just check out my story highlight on Instagram. It was an amazing opportunity for taking pictures, great people, lovely food and my room was probably one of the coolest ever. If you can stay here for a couple of night you should definitely do it. It’s so worth it.

Day 3: Exploring Edinburgh

I have to admit that one day isn’t enough to explore the whole city. We have probably only discovered a few parts of the city.  But to be honest, I see it as another opportunity to come back soon! One of the most interesting parts for me was the meeting with the founder of 21th century kilts. His story behind the brand and wearing a kilt myself made our stay a bit more “special”. Special in a good kind of way because I felt more connected to the people.

I have to admit that I was wondering how people can wear this kind of clothing all year around but seriously guys, you should give it try before judging. 😉 It is probably not my favourite piece of clothing but it was comfortable and fashionable at the same time. It should defiantly be on your bucket list when visiting Scotland. Another great part of the city is the old town of Edinburgh. I already mentioned it earlier that it looks similar to the Harry Potter Movies, but even without that fact itis still amazing to see buildings which were built over 300 years ago and totally different to all the other cities in Europe. It reminds me of middle age. If you’re interested in history, Scotland is probably one of the best opportunities to learn more about it. Lastly, we strolled around for ages and the weather was pretty cold  but with plenty of tea/coffee breaks it wasn’t a big deal.

Day 4: Goodbye Scotland

On our last day in Edinburgh we didn’t do that much to be honest. We had breakfast, took millions of pictures in the Hotel and left around 11:30 am to the Airport. Everything worked out well and 3 hours later I was back home. I probably lied in bed for a few hours thinking about this amazing thing we have experienced in such a short amount of time. Sometimes you experience so many things that it feels like you’re missing a few bits and pieces. It’s great that we filmed a lot so I watch myown videos to see it again and again. So many great memories and beautiful people. When we talked to a few people in the beginning I didn’t understand why they were so in love with this country even though they came from countries I also like (Germany and France) but after 4 days I finally understood why they have fallen in love with this country so much.

All in all, I have to say that Scotland was one of the greatest trips I have ever done. We saw so many different places, and I can’t wait to come back for another trip (hopefully this year). We had only limited time and didn’t see places like “Loch Ness” but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s just another reason to come back soon.

Thank you so much @visitscotland for

making this possible!

If you have any questions regarding our stay just comment below or send me an email. I am happy to help if possible.





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  • Hello, my name is Olivia, I am 13 years old and I live in Chile. Something that differentiates Scotland from my country is that at 16 years old students can decide whether or not to stay in school, in addition to this, the political system is different. They haven’t president, the person who control the country is the prime minister of england and the main minister.
    Unlike Chile, health is free if you are part of the European Union and register in the NHS. One of the things I liked the most was that the public services were free, the festivals and culture they have and also they have good education and number of universities.I have never traveled to Scotland, but I would, because I would like to see the castles and landscapes in addition to their traditions, festivals and food.

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