Ciao Milano, Ciao Florence, Ciao Pitti Umo #Anzeige

The past days in Milan and Florence were pretty stressful but also great in many different ways. Our trip started with a direct flight from Hamburg and everything worked out well. We arrived in our little apartment (Airbnb) not far away from the city centre, enjoyed dinner and slept early because the next day we wanted to start early to go to Florence to Pitti Immagine Umo. I have to admit that I was pretty excited and also a bit concerned about my first time there. My only worry was that I wouldn’t fit into that genre which was completely wrong but hey you know how it is when you attend to those kind of events. You never know what’s gonna happen! 🙂

Our train left early and I have to say that it was super easy and comfortable to travel with the speed train. It isn’t that expensive and you can travel between the cities in Italy very fast. After some breakfast in Florence we went to the Pitti which was just crazy when we arrived. Lots of well dressed people and so many photographers. CRAZY!

If you’re into classic or modern classy menswear it is a must to visit. You meet lots of great people and get heaps of inspiration. It was pretty crowded and the weather was changing every ten min. but beside that it was a blast. We went for lunch in one of the restaurants in Florence which is definitely recommended whilst you pay lots of money for food on the Pitti. So if you want to have more food for less money it’s worth a walk 🙂

The city itself is beautiful, the architecture is remarkable and the food just amazing but to be honest one day was more than enough. After a long day and lots of new friends and contacts we went back home and slept for hours because running around in the heat can be quite exhausting! 😉

The following days we explored Milan. We ran around the city centre for hours, visited the famous mall and ate heaps of pizza. 🙂 My favourite part was climbing up the cathedral which doesn’t take very long to be honest. I would definitely recommend walking and not paying 4 € extra take the lift. We spent hours up there taking photos and enjoying the view. The architecture is incredible! So don’t hesitate to pay 9€ to go up it is soo worth it 🙂

The city itself is beautiful and there are also a lot of opportunities but after being there for a few days it gets a bit boring. Especially because I am travelling for weeks now and all I want to do is take a good night sleep in my own Bed. It’s not fair to say that’s it’s not worth traveling to this beautiful city though! If you get a cheap flight and some great accommodation don’t hesitate.

Unfortunately our way back wasn’t that smooth. Our flight got canceled and we had to fly to Frankfurt and catch a train back home. Luckily I have family in Frankfurt so I stayed a few extra days and went back home on Sunday. Otherwise this would have been a nightmare travelling for 12 hours to get from Milan to Hamburg. Just crazy but this kind of things happen. Although it never happened to me before. Fingers crossed that this will be the last time. 🙂

If you have any questions about Milan, Florence or just general questions you’re happy to comment or write me a comment below. 🙂


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