10 things you need to know before visiting Iceland #Anzeige

I am happy to finally show you one of my Blogposts from Iceland. Before I went to Iceland I did a lot of Research and I was so disappointed that a lot of people didn’t write down the most important things to know before traveling to Iceland. So I decided to give you a quick overview about my most important things I have learned whilst visiting Iceland! 🙂


  1. As you have probably heard before that Iceland is an expensive country,  so save some money before travelling around the little Island. Obviously there are also low budget options but to worry constantly about money won’t make you happy in this country. Fuel and grocery’s are just more expensive but you can save your money if you drink tab water. Its probably better anyway. 😉
  2. Renting a Camper/Car can become a nightmare whilst I heard from a lot of people that most of them try to sell you extra insurance or charge you for things you „broke“ after you return the car. Make sure to take PHOTOS and make a VIDEO of the car to have evidence! We didn’t have any problems after all but just be safe.
  3. Bonus is the cheapest option to go grocery shopping. If you want to have a reasonable price go there. We went there all the time and I can only recommend it! 🙂
  4. Most of the campsites are on google maps. So just type into search „camping“ and you get the nearest located camp sites. A lot of people wrote reviews what is quite helpful to make sure the campsites are good and open!
  5. Make sure to be at the „main” attractions early. Around midday they are so crowd and not as beautiful as they could. So get up early or go to bed late and try to drive whilst everybody else is at the attraction fighting about the best photo spot.
  6. In summer there is pretty much sunlight all day. Make sure you take this opportunity to explore as much as you can! Our days were pretty long most of the time so we saw all the places we wanted to plus some extras along the way.
  7. 4×4 is not a must but we missed out on some pretty cool stuff because we didn’t have one. It’s your choice but I would always go with a camper again. Rooftop tents are way to annoying especially because the weather is unpredictable in Iceland.
  8. Be prepared to have all seasons in one day. Heavy rain, low temperatures, sunshine and snow in one day. You think that’s impossible? Go to Iceland and you will see it is 😉 So be prepared and bring you winter jacket and a rain coat. It helped us so much!
  9. Driving around the whole Island is easily possible in 8 days and we didn’t have to rush at all. There are some parts of the ring road where you can just drive for hours and only see amazing landscape and enjoy the beautiful nature. So make sure to do the touristy attractions in the south first and than enjoy the rest with the other peaceful parts of the island. You won’t regret it. Especially the east is so beautiful
  10. Last but not least make sure to always pay in ISK. It saved us quite a few € to pay by credit card in their own currency. So I would recommend to never select “pay in Euros”. You will pay more! 😉

PS: I nearly forgot this point! Having a EU flat saved my life. You have reception everywhere and it works great! So don’t worry about getting Wifi even though we had it I didn’t use it that much! 🙂

There are obviously lots of other thing I will talk about on my next Blogpost about Iceland in a few days. But with these tips you are pretty much ready to go travelling around one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been to! Just make sure to take your time and enjoy the peaceful vibes as much as you can. 🙂

If you have any other tips which aren’t listed here you’re more than welcome to write me a message or drop a comment below. I am happy to answer all of your questions! J



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