Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2018 #Anzeige

On Monday it was time for another trip to one of my favourite cities in Germany. Berlin. My second Fashion Week in this vibrant city and a great opportunity to catch up with inspiring people from all over Germany/the world. I was happy and very lucky to get a lot of great invitations from a lot of agency’s and brands. Being there for a second time and having friends like Ravi ( who has been to Berlin FW a couple of times helped me so much. It was great seeing all the new collections from different brands, which I won’t name because of the new law. Otherwise I have to declare it as advertisement even though it’s unpaid!

Anyway back to FW. I had two quite stressful days with many different events all over Berlin. For everyone who hasn’t been to a FW before you have to know that cities like Berlin or Paris are packed with different Events during FW. Most of them are at the same time so you need to make a very good plan/schedule to visit all of them.

Most of the time it’s fun jumping for one event to another but as everyone can probably relate. I really don’t want to complain but just be prepared that you might need some time afterwards to recover 😉 That was also one of the reasons why I didn’t go to any parties this time. I spoke to many friends which had the same problem but went anyway. The problem was that a few missed some events in the morning. Sometimes it’s all about priorities 🙂 My main goal was to connect to people from the fashion industry and see the new collections for the upcoming season. I have to say that I am happy with the result and everything worked out well.

If you ever want to go to FW you should think about a few things before planing.The most important thing is that you are planing a few months in advance. Try to organise hotel and your flights early and reach reach out to all the presenter. Secondly you should be flexible with your schedule. Sometimes you meet cool people who can take you to another event. Being social can be really helpful especially on those events. 🙂

After two days I was lucky to take the rest of the week off and enjoy quality time with my family. We celebrated my moms birthday and had a quite night. Friday I took the train home to beautiful Hamburg. 🙂  If you have any questions or want to know more about my trip to Berlin I am happy answer all your comments or Emails.




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