5 days in London #Anzeige

After a few great days in London I am happy be write a bit about the past days and give you a few impressions about my 5 day trip to one of the greatest cities in Europe.

A lot of you asked me if it’s expensive to visit London and what kind of accommodation is the best to visit the city. I have to admit that I basically stay with one of my friends every single time when I am around. So I never had the issue to actually look into accommodation. This made it possible for me to travel here so many times over the past years. So I am probably not the best person to ask for accommodation even though I would say if you book in advance and during weekdays its usually a lot cheaper. That’s how I do it for other city trips. 🙂 The life in London is expensive compared to Germany. So you should be prepared to pay more for food and transportation. “Luckily” the Brexit is around the corner so it’s not as bad as it was a few years ago. In the past years, the pound lost quite a lot of value so the things got a little bit cheaper over here. Compared to the Euro (€). (beware of sarcasm!)

My Favorite Areas:

But let’s start with the areas I like the most in London. There are lots to do so also be prepared to walk around all day to see lots of the city. The main attractions are easy to reach in the city center so start early and you might be able to see Big Ben, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden etc. in just one day. Depending on how much time you have I would do a list of things and see where they are so you can plan your days and don’t miss out on something. The train rides can easily take 30 – 60 min depending on where you live.

Must see in London:

Must see if you haven’t been to London is  the area around the London Eye and the Tower Bridge. You can go to City Hall, Borough Market, SoHo and Covent garden on your way. Other areas like Chelsea, Hyde Park or Paddington are a bit further away but also worth a visit! Especially strolling around Chelsea was a good thing to do if you like cute little Cafes and the famous white Town houses. If you are looking to go out for lunch or dinner I can recommend the areas around Covent garden and Soho. There a lot of great restaurants in the back of the shopping streets (backyards) one great example is the “The Petersham” in Covent garden. For breakfast the “house riding Café” or the “Ace Hotel” in Shoreditch have the best Eggs Benedict + Pancakes ever. So if you have the chance to visit check them out and let me know what you think! (By the way this is no paid advertising! 🙂 If you want to see how the food looks like visit my Instagram @Jonnyfoe and have a look on my highlight “London”.

Tipps and Tricks:

Writing about the route I would do in the inner city might confuse a few people so I created a Map (down below) where I marked my favorite spots and a little route you can easily walk. But before I start explaining one small tip for everyone who has never been to London. First, get an Oyster card to use the tube. It’s easier and a lot cheaper. Make sure you don’t travel at rush hour. At places like Oxford Circus or other crowed areas it can become nasty. Even though the train is going every minute the trains are super crowded and you might have to wait. Especially central line is horrible around those times! Last but not least, in summer there is no air con down there so always carry water with you. When I visited, we had 35 degrees and lots of people collapsed because of the heat.

London City Map:

On the map, I marked the most common spots in the inner city of London. There are obviously a lot more but if you visit only a few days its great to get a little impression of the city. I also marked a little route along the river for those who love walking. It took us a fair bit to walk it but I love exploring the city by foot. If you have any questions let me know down below at the comment or just write me an E-mail.  🙂


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