Amsterdam City Guide #Anzeige

Amsterdam seems as popular as ever with tourist numbers continuing to go through the roof. There is a reason why so many people are overwhelmed by the Dutch capital. Besides the red-light district and coffee shops there is a lot more to explore.

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My trip has only been 4 days but I have been to Amsterdam before and I can’t wait to give you a few impressions about the city. Let’s start with 5 things you need to do when you visit one of the coolest cities in Europe.

5 things you need to do in Amsterdam

  1. Cycling around the city and down the Amstel has been so much fun. You can see so many different things when you’re on a bike. Amsterdam is made for cycling so its easy to get around. You can rent a bike for a day for about 20€. You might think this is a lot but I promise when the weather is great you see so much more cycling around
  2. De Pijip is an area in the south of the city. There are great restaurants and cafes. Definitely worth a visit. You also find a lot of street art like for example the “wake me up when you’re famous” sign.
  3. Boat trips are amazing especially when you have your own boat. I was lucky to have a friend who had one so cruising around the canals in the city is amazing. I also did a canal tour which I enjoyed but Id rather take the bike instead of going on one of the tourist boats.
  4. NSDM Wharf is a 15-min ferry ride away from Amsterdam central but so worth visiting. The restaurants are amazing but also you should get e reservation if you plan to go on a weekend. There are many people with the same plan. By the way the ferry is free what makes it easy to get there.
  5. Vondelpark, the Rijksmuseum and the Vincent van Gogh museum are all very close to each other what makes it easy to see all of them in just a few hours. I feel like you should have a look so you have seen this area but don’t waste to much time here. It’s pretty but there are way to many people so I didn’t really enjoy going there.

There are lots of more stuff to do when your around but the time is limited so make up your mind before going because during summer you should be prepared to wait getting into the attractions or pre-book your tickets via the internet. I have been to a couple of museums before and enjoyed the Anne Frank Museum/House but when we went we were lucky and only waited for 5 min to get in. I walked past it a couple of times afterwards and saw people queuing for hours.

3 Tips and Tricks when visiting Amsterdam

  1. Try to find your accommodation close to the city center. If your live close to the Canals you can pretty much walk or bike everywhere. It saves you a lot of money and time.
  2. Download the Uber app. It’s not usual that you can use Uber in Europe so if you get lost there is always a cheap way to get back. It is also great if you need to go early to the airport because it only takes about 20 min from the city center.
  3. If you get hungry for a little snack and you’re looking for something healthy for a reasonable price go to Albert Hejin. It is the local supermarket and they have great salads and sandwiches for a good value. It saved my life so I had to share it with you! 😉

I hope I could give you a few impressions about what to expect when visiting Amsterdam. Obviously, there are lots of more things to do. If you have anything I forgot and need to check out let me know via Email or comment below. 🙂



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